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Well Christmas is over until next year so now all my energy is concentrated on spring sowing. I hope like me you’ve got your compost, seed trays seeds and a plan of attack on how to proceed. I must admit I have a plan but I do have a slight bump in the road in that I’m going away on holiday right in the middle of sowing season for three weeks so advice would really be nice.

Yes three weeks holiday lucky me. So I will be lost in action at Disney but what to do with my seeds when I’m away do I sow my seeds before I go or sow then when I return on the 12th April. If I didn’t have a house sitter I would sow and place my seeds in the living room bay window as It has the sun most of the day and turn the heating off with plastic and a watering mat before I go But that’s not going to happen. So do I also consider sowing my seeds and arrange seed trays in my conservatory before I go away. It’s already quite full in the conservatory but as it’s unheated the germination will be slowed down a bit.

After finding out I had mould growing in my  conservatory I have moved my bay tree outside and started to open the door and a window just to keep the air flowing so I will just have to see if the add air flow stops the mould growing.

I ripped out a plum tree that self-set in a flower pot nature is really quite surprising really take a look at this tree It must have been growing quite happily in this pot for about eight to ten years  and was as high as my apex on my conservatory  so about 2.5 meters

Just a small update My sweet peas have germinated so the news paper has come off

Today is Sunday the 29th while there is a light frost on the ground I intend to arrange some potted bulbs around the garden and if the weather stays bright I'm going to attack my fence and turn my compost over water and cover. I'm in the middle of making news paper pot and found quite quickly there are a labor of Love .

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