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Hello all

Well this is the first entry of a New Year so I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.
Right what have I been up to for the first week or two of the New Year?

Buying new seeds, seed trays, compost, perlite and Vermiculite also on the way (in the post) I have water matting, heat cable with a thermometer. So while I’m waiting for my items to land in my letter box I’m busy making newspaper pots for giveaway plants.

My wife bought me the pot making kit for Christmas and quotes every time she see me make the pots” Ooo’that’s the best present I’ve ever bought you” well she doesn’t have to stand there and make the post up as I soon found them to be a labour of love. But please don’t tell her LOL

Right while the weather has been damp well a bit more than damp I did have a bright day last week where I managed to get in to the garden. I ran around like spring hare so I put up my fence at last did some digging (new flower bed) for my Dahlia’s, foxglove’s  & coneflowers.

I also moved some flower pots around the garden, to my surprise I have daffodils and crocus breaking through the tops of my pots exciting well it is for me.

Today is Wednesday 8th January with a nice temperature of 11 degrees so I thought I would turn my compost bin over and add some shredded newspaper to the mix.

Below is a small list of flowers I'm sowing this year my other page will be updated later as and when I sow them


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