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It’s pay day for me this week. Well what does that mean for the Garden?

 Plans I have for this month is as follows

Two new planter for my Tulips but don’t worry they aren’t going
to be planted up just yet as it’s still quite warm, I plan to plant my tulips
the first week in December .I’ve also got planed a compost bin to make as my
plastic bins are full now so I shall be adding the contents of these bins to my
compost box I plan to make. I’ve been quite busy collecting leaves from around
my town.

Last week I collected about a ton of leaves from across the road
from my house also last weekend I collected a further ton with the aid of my
lawnmower the ton is not in weight but in volume I have a ton builders bag well
two bags that are filled. I have also sowed my sweet peas  
with the aid of a friend from Gardeners world forum. Which later on in
the blog I shall show you how I did it.
I also have bought more wood to add another panel to my fence I
will add photos of my fence next week.
I’m also hoping to concrete my greenhouse footings this month so
I can finish building my green house in March all the seals and clips have been
bought with the exception of the door seals and some glass panels but water and
electricity are on the site of the green house. I have also bought a garden
shredder, so plans to clear the front garden are under way in fact I have
started to cut the branches of some trees just to test the shredder, wow this
shredder is quiet and has not needed to be unblocked once. The shredder is one
that crushes the material rather than spins a blade. I bought it from ebay for
£70.00 which I think a good price as they retail new for around £340.00, I just
had to adjust the setting knob as the shredder has two settings squash and shred
but when I bought it, it only squashed the material I was
 On to the leaf collection. I rang the Hospital up first to get
permission from the head of the estate so with that done I’m collecting Leafs.
With the trailer loaded with a rake, lawnmower, spare fuel and gloves I’m off to
do my bit for the Hospital and myself.
I arrived at the hospital at around 10.00am on Saturday knowing I
would be able to collect quite a substantial amount of leaves for my garden but
what I didn’t count on was the amount of already rotted down leaves that must
have been there for years so now with my new collection of this and last year’s
leaves I expect I could use my leaf mould as early as late spring. After the
rain came down quite heavy at 11.30 I was beat however I’m going back on Sunday
with just a rake and wheelbarrow to collect some of the rotted leaves I would
think most off the rotted leaves I shall be using in my garden next year but I’m
also going to add them to a big bag of leaves that was collected without the aid
of my lawnmower to mix with them to speed up the rotting process. 

This first Photo shows the area I have to pick from But it’s only
part of the story as there is a bigger area behind
After raking the leave into a long thin pile I started up my Lawnmower But soon found out that this is not the best way to collect with a lawnmower as it stalls far too easily also it struggles to hover up the leaves, I think because they are so wet also far to compact

This next photo shows what I collected; big mistake was using a ton bag as I had to empty quite a lot out of it to lift it in to my trailer; so lesson learnt wheelbarrow next time straight into the trailer

I’m now safely in my own garden, the grass seeds I sowed three weeks ago are now showing signs of germination. Now I’ve read that when they are two to three inches tall it’s time to cut. One reason is because it will be competing with the grass that’s already growing  so it’s out with the lawnmower then as the grass has recovered from the raking and aerating it had I shall apply Autumn fertilizer.
It’s important that you use autumn fertilizer as it feed the roots this will help the grass fight of diseases over the winter and in to the spring.

No Sunday I planed to do so much in my garden but I'm fighting a chest infection so I way laid up in bed all day with a high temperature so
I didn't get into the garden I even missed a secondhand Fuel tank of ebay for my lawnmower of which I was going to pay up to £25.00 as they don't come up very often I was out bid on my first bid by only fifty pence it went for £6.50 I was gutted as I was going to go all the way up to £25.00 never mind. So today I feel much better but it's raining so I will run out and collect my Dahlias from my pots with the idea I can trim and leave to dry in my greenhouse for a week or two.

First take a look at this my Dahlias should be bright flame red with a yellow center maybe  someone could explain why they have faded to just yellow , I believe it has something to do with the plants energy being diverted to tuber growth?

I shall try to find a photo from the summer just to show the colour difference but I change my computer this year, So I think the photos from the summer are on that hard drive. Surprised me Saturday night left a slight frost on my car front windscreen this is the first of the year how ever the frost was just found on my car.I will leave the sweet peas & compost bin until the next up date as I'm busy trying to clear the front garden between rain showers. More leaf collection for me this weekend.  

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